Sunday Street Cleaning and a warning

Although the temperature today is extremely hot, we still had many volunteers that helped clean up our community streets. We cleaned out many bags of trash and also made sure to remove dangerous shattered glass from beer bottles. In addition, Nydia Velazquez and Carlos Menchaca came to warn us of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and told us of procedures we must partake. One of them was do not open the door. We would like to thank all of the volunteers that helped us clean the streets.#Nydiavelazquez #NYCCouncilDistrict38

Art & Craft with a side of Cleaning

Because of the heat, the event started later than usual. However, there were still many children and adults that came to the activities. Everyone participated in the arts and crafts and the elderly graciously taught Chinese calligraphy. While the arts and crafts event was going on, multiple volunteers were cleaning the park. We hope everyone had a good time at this event! Thank you once again for another productive and fun day!

Food Bank Saturday

A big round of appluads to everyone who came to help at the food bank, even though it was such a blistering day. There our volunteers handed out bags of groceries for the less fortunate and even help elderly people distribute other items. This type of spirit that everyone should learn to follow and encourage!

OPWDD Workshop

Workshop on August 2, covering important topics such as, 1)Growth barriers with OPWDD. 2) How does OPWDD define growth barriers? 3) How do you know that your child may have growth disorders? 4) Evaluation and OPWDD service approval process 5) OPWDD's help and front door lectures for people with disabilities 6) Q&A Q&A

Monday Running

Monday running with the members of PCR, volunteers and children. Gives kids the daily exercise they need and take time off to admire nature. In our technological world, young children don't spend enough time outside and today is the perfect opportunity to do so. Breathe in the fresh morning air in the park and overall enjoy the jog.

Park Cleaning 2.0

Another great day of park cleaning! All our volunteers worked really hard to clean the streets of 8 avenue and thanks to them for keeping ours streets litter free.

Leadership Training Workshop

PCR Teenager Summer Program that includes a Leadership Training workshop that help teens communicate non-verbally through art. It invokes their own creativity and thought process of the world.

Cleaning the Park

7.13 Our volunteers took care of the flowers and cleaned up the park. Even though it was only a week ago that we cleaned the park, the park quickly became dirty with all the littering. On the other side of the park, there was also arts and craft that everyone is welcome to participate in. This event brings a new energy to the park, giving kids a chance to experience something new and giving back to the community at the same time.

Street Cleaning at 8 Avenue

There are many ways in helping out the community, one way our volunteers helped out is by cleaning the streets of 8 Ave (From 60th to 70th street) every Sunday morning. It reminded us and everyone else to dispose trash properly and keep our streets clean Thank you to our volunteers for all their hard work! We'll see you again next Sunday!

PCR Summer Fun

People of all ages are participating in our fun summer event of arts & crafts. There they let their creative juices flow as the mix, blend, and paint whatever that inspires them. Look at the final masterpieces of our artists!

PCR Immigration Parenting Workshop

We would like to thank Mapleton Library and Garden of Hope for a very successful Immigration Parenting Workshop today. Which teaches parents and families on creating a more interlaced participation with their children's development. It's crucial for parents to be apart of their child growth and has the Adequate tools to make the children feel safe and happy.

Planned Summer Activities

Parent Child Relationship has organized some new summer activities for everyone at Leif Ericson Park! Feel free to join us in the fun!

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