Mental Health Awareness Workshop

Yesterday we held a Mental Health Awareness Workshop with the following learning topics in mind: 1. Why Mental health is Important 2. Benefits of having a Health Mental Health 3. Ways to improve your mental Health 4. Where to sign up for course enrollment to a strong mental Heath A special thank you to all the parents who show up to better educate themselves and their families on the importance of a strong Mental Health. To our presenters for an excellent delivery of this crucial information to our parents. And to our dedicated team of volunteers who provided a safe enviroment for the children so that the parents can participate in this workshop.

Fruits and Vegetables Tuesday

On Tuesday, our Parents, Children, and Volunteers all sat down to teach kids about the shape, sizes, and the colors of different fruits and vegetables. We talk to them about the nutrition that we take in from these fruits and vegetables to have a healthy body. This hand-on approach to learning will better enhance their cognitive ability as well as raise the awareness for healthy living.

Circle of Security Graduation

Circle of Security Parenting Program(安全圈养育课程) "The Circle of Security is an innovative intervention program designed to improve the developmental pathway of children and their parents.Every child comes into the world seeking a secure relationship with her/his caregivers. The Circle of Security® program helps promote that security. A secure attachment between child and caregiver is critical to a child’s current and future well being." This Tuesday we celebrate the graduation of parents, caregivers, and children completion of the Cirle of Security Parenting Program! It has been an informative and life changing experience that the parents won't forget. Congratulations!

Fujian Seniors Volunteer

We are extremely grateful for the help of the Fujian United Seniors of the USA for their efforts in making our community a better place. Their dedication is admirable as every week on Monday, they would help us clean up the park. We would grab our rakes, trash bags and yes, a shooping cart to set off on raking up the fallen leaves.Thank you for your active participation in making our community a more cleanly place!

Meeting with the Councilman

It was our pleasure to meet with Councilman Justin Brannan today to share our concerns in the community. We greatly appreciated your door always be open to us and fight hard for our parents, children and families as PCR is a parent advocacy group and our mission is to build a strong community to empower parents and families to engage civil participation among immigrant communities in the borough of Brooklyn.

Big Rake

Today, during PCR It’s My Park Day, we cleaned from Fort Hamilton to 6 Avenue. Out of approximately 80 volunteers, everyone was assigned to specific groups and locations on what they were supposed to sweep. As a result, we raked 112 bags of leaves, picked up 16 bags of garbage in Leif Erickson. Lastly, thanks to all the volunteers who came today during their spare time to help out at today’s It’s My Park Day.#Volunteer #PCRVolunteer #PCRYouth #partnershipsforparks #parkcleaning #streetcleaning #safetheenvironment #staygreen #leifericksonpark #environment #growingup #parentchildrlationship

Food on Saturday

Today, PCR participated in the "Food Bank volunteer" This event started from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Today, we have eight volunteers in total. In this activity we are responsible for loading potatoes, distributing canned food, mangoes and etc...Two of the volunteers were responsible for translating and registering non-english speaking Chinese. There will be this activity on the third Saturday of every month. If you are interested, please join us. Thank you very much to all the volunteers who took time out to attend this activity today. Thank you very much!#foodbank #Volunteer #PCRVolunteer #PCRYouth

The Daffodil Project

Today, our volunteers once had a chance to work with New York for Park (NY4P) and participate in the Daffodil Project, founded in 2001 as a memorial to the horrendous event happened in September 11. The activity took place in Union Square, Manhattan, from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm. Our volunteers were assigned in groups of three to package daffodil bulbs into green cloth bags. We had distributed approximately half a million daffodil bulbs to individuals and groups planting them in New York City public places. In addition, we informed everyone who receives bulbs the detailed planting instructions and the profound significance behind the Daffodil Project. It couldn’t be accomplished without any of th


PCR did another 8 AVE street cleaning today. We’ve realized that since the beginning of street cleaning (about two months ago) up to right now there’s a big difference. 8 ave seems to be more clean and sanitary because of the more frequent garbage pick ups that were just set up by the sanitation office. It is also the help of our volunteers who come every time during their free time to help us out. Thank you to all the volunteers who help us clean 8ave.

Protect and Respect

As you may know, we did a park clean up yesterday at Leif Erickson park and we had 58 bags of raked up leaves plus garbage that was in the park and these were picked up today by passerbys. But, we would like to ask our beloved pedestrians who visit the park often to keep our parks clean. We would like you to contribute just a little and that is if you can don’t leave garbage behind and not to destroy the plants that our volunteers worked hard on planting every week. Thank you for your cooperation.

Expansion of Cleanliness of Mapleton

PCR also had another park cleaning at Maple playground, Flushing. Everyone there worked together as a group and made the park clean. We had volunteers from all ages. They raked bags of leaves and pick up garbage. This event is welcome to everyone who would like to come. Thank you for those volunteers who went to the cleanup at Maple playground, Flushing to help out.

New Colored Benches

Today, during PCR It’s My Park Day, we did something similar to the past; we raked 48 bags of leaves, picked up 10 bags of garbage and cigarette ends. But, something different is that we gave the benches in Leif Erickson a new color. We were assigned to paint them like a bright aqua green color. This color makes the park more brighter and colorful. Everyone was assigned to a specific group and location on what they were suppose to paint. We also cleaned up the garden at Leif Erickson Park. We got rid of all the garbage there, painted the benches and fixed up some plants. Lastly, thanks to all the volunteers who came today during their spare time to help out at today’s It’s My Park Day.#pcr #

It's My Park Day Cleanup Event

Today, PCR once again did “It’s My Park Day” cleanup in Leif Erickson park. It started from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. We had a total of about 58 volunteers plus families helping out today. We raked a total of 78 bags of leaves and garbage and picked a lot of cigarette ends together. Our volunteers worked extremely hard during this event by raking every part of the park, planting new plants, and willingly get on their hands and knees to help pick up the cigarette ends. The park looks much cleaner after our volunteers' hard work. Thanks a lot to all of the volunteers who spare their time today to help out in the park cleaning. Thank you!!! #pcr #pcrelationship #PCRVolunteer

Save A Life! Lecture Session for Adults

Thanks to NYU and Tzu Chi, PCR was able to give parents the opportunity to acquire knowledge like how to stop bleeding and save lives in the event of an accident. Through these lectures, parents are able to learn the skills to help others when they are in need. Just attending these lectures, parents will be able to understand what to do in certain dire situations and might be able to save lives!

8 AVE Street Cleaning Event!

On Sunday, PCR did a 8 Ave Street Cleaning event from 67st to 55st. We raked leaves, cleaned up street garbage, and collected cigarette ends. As we were cleaning the streets, we realized that many everyday locations like 62nd street train station are overflowing with garbage. This is something that we should be aware of, if we want to keep our environment clean. That’s why we shouldn’t be throwing random garbage just on the sidewalks and waiting on others to clean it up for us. Lastly, thanks to our volunteers who spared their time today to clean at 8ave at such an early time in the morning. Thank You!!!! #pcr #pcrelationship #PCRVolunteer

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