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PCR 8.16Dance Togeter

Time flies by, especially when you're having fun. Summer recess is approaching an end, so naturally, our summer activities will too. Thursday evenings are a favorite for many of the parents and their children. It encourages kids to put down their electronic devices and partake in a music dance festival. This is a very special type of feeling that is seldom felt at home. We have some kids who refuse to participate due to being on the shy side. The parents of those children are often the ones seen to be annoyed and would say things such as "If you don't join, I won't bring you next time!" However, these same parents are glued to their phones trying to take photos and videos of them ins

August 5, 2018 Sunset Park Beautification Family Volunteer Event

This was a very meaningful day for the volunteers who care for their community. Parents and their children gathered together to clean up the litter in Sunset Park. Fallen leaves and twigs were collected and bagged up. This event is special in that many elderly community members decided to help out as well. Our oldest volunteer is 90 years old, and our youngest is less than a year old! The diversity shows the rest of the community that change is possible, and there are no limits in age, as long as the intentions are the same. Caring for the community is a contagious act, people will follow those who choose to lead by example. Everyone can make a difference.

Dance Togeter Every Thursday night

During the hot summer day. Most parents and kids choose to stay home and play iPads with the air conditioner open. As a result, children’s weight gets increased. We want the parents to take their kids outdoors and join some activities. Every Thursday night, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, we have a dance party at the park. Parents and kids are welcome. Through the dancing, children develop their dancing and listening skill, and also physical fitness. This activity can also get a lot of confidence to the children. There is one more thing to explain. The dancing night is free. You don’t need to bring anything. Just come out, join us, and study. This way, we can cut down the times kids

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