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PCR Receive the Brooklyn Golden Trowel Award

Congratulations to Parent Child Relationship Association to be the first and only Chinese organization to receive the Brooklyn Golden Trowel Award. It happens because all the volunteers who come to our weekly it’s my park project. Thank you Hannah Bossio for your fully support. Thank you Partnership for parks recognized our efforts. Lastly thank you our leader Nicole Huang didn’t stop when there were only 5 volunteers, which now the group has 5000 volunteers. Never give up!

Earth Day 2019

Earth Day 2019 landed during Spring break. As usual, we organized volunteers to clean the streets. Today, more than 100 volunteers joined us. Some helped with beautifying our city streets and Sunset Park, while the others took care of the areas between 60-65 Street, 6 Avenue thru 8 Avenue. Coffee cups, commercial garbage, and litter was found all over the roads. Not a single trash bin was to be found within five city blocks. This is an issue that has yet to be resolved. Garbage continues to pile up, and with Summer approaching, the matter will only get worse. We hope that by actively taking care of the streets, we can set an example for local residents to follow. Twenty five bags of trash wa

PCR spring Easter

In spring,the grass awakens, the flowers bloom, the bird sings everywhere is full of vibrants scenes. The soft spring breeze blows and blows the green earth, wakes up the hibernating little animals, and also welcomes the most joyful festival of the year,Easter. Easter is one of America’s traditional holidays. It is the day of the resurrection of the third day after Jesus Christ was crucified Easter eggs is the most important symbol of this holiday, it also symbolizes the start and continuation of life, and it is the hope of people’s future life. During Easter, every state will host a variety of events to celebrate this holiday. In our New York Parent Child Relationship(PCR), on April 14,

sunset park fire

True feelings are shown when disasters happen. The love of Chinese towards each other is shown by this fire. The fire on 7 avenues 44th Street of Brooklyn has been affecting the hearts of the Chinese community. After the disaster, the New York Parent-Child Relationship Association (PCR) rushed to the scene to help people out. PCR has long been committed to the public welfare of the Chinese community in Brooklyn Sunset Park. PCR aims to create a warm and harmonious home to enrich the Chinese life circle. Since the news was released, in addition to the help of the Red Cross and the government, through our appeal, people from all parts of the Chinese community has lent a helping hand, sending

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