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PCR & Hoop

Two organizations come together to provide informational lectures on neonatal care. Volunteers arrive in the early morning to prepare gifts for moms-to-be. PCR与HOOP 共同举办新生儿护理讲座 早早义工已到达现场为 参与讲座的准妈们准备小礼品

Gardening Day

Many volunteers signed up to restore the plantations in our parks. Studies has been shown that by planting more vegetation and plants the soil will remain together instead of turning into dust. Bravo to all our community helpers!

Police Public Safety Workshop

Polices are there to keep us safe as well give us information on how to protect ourselves and our families. In this workshop, Policemen and Policewomen explained the step by step on what to when placed in a dangerous situation: how to call 911 and etc. They also informed our participants on what to do if we lost our children, say in a park. As well as clearing up some misunderstandings people have when it comes to calling 911. Many immigrant families are reluctant to seek help from the police, fearing deportation. This however, is a misunderstanding as in New York everyone is guaranteed protection from the police regardless of immigration status. We also all humbly thank the police for keepi

PCR Workshop : Anxiety, Depression and Coping Skills

This workshop taught parents coping mechanisms on dealing with stresses, anxieties, and depressions. These are some of the topics that people wouldn't normally discuss and share with others, thus making it hard for people to seek help. In here, we provide a cozy environment on not only how to deal with these stressors as well as how to help others who are suffering from them.

Leif Ericson Cleanup

Today our volunteers are cleaning up Leif Ericson Park. In particular the the cigarettes and cigarette butts people left behind. IT has been scientifically proven that smoking leads to a higher risk of lung cancer and also leaves the lungs black with tar from the cigarette smokes. It also has been shown that second-hand smoking are even more dangerous than first-hand so this really spreads awareness on smoking in public places.

Sunset Park Cleaning

Thank you all volunteers and supporters for participating in the Sunset Park Cleanup every Monday. Our volunteers in order to help maintain the hygiene of the park continued to clean even through the rainy days. Their efforts and willpower inspires many and we hope more volunteers will join us in helping out our community!

PCR 6.6 Family Day

We would like to gather all the parents to High Line Park as a celebration for a holiday. This is a very special park, on the bridge built by the old railway. For many parents who are unfamiliar with the traffic, it is actually very difficult for parents with 2 or 3 children to go out. They have no friends or relatives living in New York. Most of the time, they choose to stay at home, but the space at home is not enough for the children. This time we had 30 families participating in the event. The youngest is only a few months old and the oldest is 16 or 17 years old. We helped each other along the way, and the kids made new friends. We stayed at each site for about half an hour to let the c

PCR Children Day

Every year, around June 1, the PCR hosts events for the children of the community. The activities are mainly dedicated to children 5 or older. Development of children’s learning is a tremendous concern. This is why we have group activities, such as simple painting, to help the children adapt to future study earlier. Thank you very much for #CityParksFoundationsPuppetMobile The Puppet Show for today’s event. It was such a wonderful performance for everyone to see in their own community. The critical period in a child’s life is from ages 0-4, in hope that more parents would take children to participate in a diversity of community activities.

Circle of Security® Parenting™ Program

Parents are benfitting from this parenting course, which focuses on the right approach to raising their children. This is made possible by volunteers who helped provide child care. We especially thank the Mapleton Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library for all their support. What is Circle of Security Parenting? Circle of Security® Parenting™ is a parent-reflection program offering the core components of the evidence-based and internationally acclaimed COS protocol. This 4-Day training teaches professionals to use an eight-chapter DVD to educate parents and caregivers. The program presents video examples of secure and problematic parent/child interaction, healthy options in care giving, and a


Every two weeks, we would come and clean up the park. When Spring arrived, some flowers blossomed, but others were uprooted before they had the chance to bloom. Some other flowers appear to be lacking nutrients. We are especially grateful to State Senator Andrew Gounardes for providing us with 7 bags of organic soil. We used those soil to cover the plants that need extra care. We are looking forward to a much more beautiful scenery by the time the next Spring comes along. In order to make the #daffodils grow better next year, we have decided to prune them all. This is mainly to prevent people from uprooting and destroying what we've created. Thank you to all our volunteers who braved the wea

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