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PCR Family Day

We created family day with our little ones in mind. We understand the importance of socialization from an early age and the foundation it can provide for a better childhood experience. In today's society, children are largely dependent on their electronic devices as their only form of entertainment.

Our activities can introduce the youngest generation to other forms of fun, while enriching their skills. Through arts and crafts, kids can express themselves in a unique way. By visiting more places, they are exposed to a world bigger than what they are used to.

This helps them understand that there is always more to learn. The little ones can also develop social skills prior to entering preschool, which is crucial to helping them make friends when they get older. PCR wishes every child the opportunity to live life to the fullest, starting with the little things that matter the most.


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PCR Headphones

「我們的孩子在科技時代下成長,有良好的配備勢必能讓孩子們的線上學習變得更有效率。」 目前100副知名品牌的耳機来自热心商家捐赠,开放申请请填写申请表格符合条件将得到获取通知。请注意: 一个家庭只能领取一个耳机,除非是特殊情况。 申请条件: 1. 多子女家庭 2. 受疫情影响 3. 生活在拥挤的环境下 "Our children are growing up in the age of techno

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