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PCR’s Lunar New Year

PCR (Parent-Child Relationship) held a Lunar New Year event on February 16th. We wanted our Chinese community in Brooklyn to remember the Chinese cultures. The event was held to promote Chinese culture and help the youngsters experience the Chinese cultures. Our team of volunteers spent months to plan this event, which included making the festive lanterns, finding, and writing the riddles, and preparing the prizes.

At the beginning of the month, PCR was able to collect more than 3,000 new year old red envelopes from the community. With these envelopes, we were able to make more than 300 beautiful red lanterns. PCR was also able to make 300 strips of riddles. 150 of these strips were in English and 150 of these strips were in Chinese. Depending on how many riddles the kids were able to solve, the prizes vary.

During the event, we had a DIY station. It was for the kids who wanted to make lanterns to bring home. This section of the event was not only fun but also a very good bonding session for kids and parents. Through this, kids were also taught the importance of our environment and the art of transforming waste into a treasure.

As the event was going on, PCR launched a free scarf passout to those who came to the event. 500 warm scarfs, suitable for the cold weather, were sent to the people by our hard-working volunteers.

Before the event even started, the elderly presented a wonderful performance of Tai Chi. The aunts of Sunset Park Song and Dance Troupe were dressed in Chinese red cheongsam dresses. They sang and dance to celebrate the Lantern Festival. The members of the Panda Taekwondo wowed us with their amazing performance.

For this event, more than 60 volunteers showed up to help set up the event and helped organize the people as more and more flooded the event grounds. Though the day was cold and windy, volunteers were diligent until event ended. We are extremely thankful to our volunteers.

This year, PCR’s Lunar New Year Lantern Festival was a huge success.

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