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参与人口普查绘画作品大赛 可获得人口普查局送出的精美小礼物

2020 年人口普查统计在美国生活的每位成年人、婴儿和儿童。 此统计由政府机构美国人口普查局每十年进行一次。人口普查提供的关键数据可影响您生活中许多不同层面。立法者、企业主、教师和众多其他人,每天都使用此数据在您的社区中提供服务、产品和援助。每一个人如果没有做人口登记的话,你就等于白扔了每年至少$1500的联邦拨款,我们希望通过孩子们的画来让大家了解到人口普查的重要性!我们社区的未来就靠你了!





4.作品通过下载app Hp Smart照片扫描的方式上传至微信


所有作品将会被发到美国人口普查报纸进行宣传推广。为纽约的未来发展努力, 让大家了解到一个人也能给社区带来帮助!加油2020人口普查!

2020 census takes a count of America’s population every 10 years. Health clinics. Fire departments. Schools. Even roads and highways. The census can shape many different aspects of your community. Census results help determine how billions of dollars in federal funding flow into states and communities each year. For everyone person that didn’t do census, they have threw away a total of 1500 dollars per year that could have been used in our communities. Through kids’ artworks, we want people to realize the importance of 2020 census. The future of our community depends on you!

Artwork requirements:

1.A4 paper painting

2. Not limited to any painting methods, watercolor paint crayons and markers are acceptable

3. Theme: 2020 Census

4. Works are uploaded to WeChat through downloading app Hp Smart and utilizing its photo scan

5.Parents need to send the kid’s name, school, age and their email on WeChat, so it’s easier for volunteers to keep record

All works will be sent to the US Census newspaper for further promotion. For the future development of New York, let everyone know that even one person can help the community grow! Come on 2020 census!



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