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❄️ January Highlights: Winter Wonders

Thank you for joining us as we step into a new year! Let's take a look back at the events that unfolded this month.

Historic Exploration of New York

Our Historic Exploration of New York (HENY) program helps immigrant families integrate into America. For this exploration, our volunteers brought these families to the Museum of Natural History to experience the exciting dinosaurs, birds, reptiles, and amphibians models.


PCR Volunteer Fun Day Workshop

We hosted a PCR Volunteer Fun Day workshop for our volunteers with Jennifer Tam, Psy D, New York Licensed Clinical Psychologist. They discussed their goals for the new year through drama games and discussions.


Seminar on Self-Help on Discrimination

We partnered with the NYC Commission on Human Rights to hold a seminar that taught our community on what to do when facing discrimination and gave resources. Let's keep this talk open and support one another when someone faces discrimination!



We're here to assist our community members in setting up appointments for IDNYC, whether you're applying, renewing, replacing, or updating your IDNYC information! IDNYC opens doors to a world of benefits, and you can explore them all at:

Come to our office to set up an appointment!

Location: 947 57th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11219

Date and Time: Every Tuesday, 10 AM - 3 PM


Community Beautification

Our volunteers are continuing our efforts to clean up our community and free it from litter and debris. We join together on weekends to clean at Leif Ericson Park, Sunset Park, and McKinley Park. To join us, book online at:


Upcoming Events


Available Volunteer Opportunities

Park Cleanup

Maintain the appearance, health, and safety of landscapes and features in public parks by raking leaves, planting and tending flowers and shrubs, and removing weeds.