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PCR公园清洁 / PCR Clean Park

Our awesome volunteers have shaped Leif Ericson Park into a new look!

Today with the help of our volunteers, we raked and collected 55 bags of fallen leaves.

In addition, we put up wood stake barriers to protect Daffodil bulbs.

PCR would like to extend a sincere thanks to our 21 volunteers who have done their best to beautify Leif Ericson Park today.

No matter if you are volunteering a park project or picking up litter from your own front yard, your little impact will make a big difference.

#volunteers #NYCParks #Leifericsonpark

我们出色的志愿者让 莱夫埃里克森公园 焕然一新!

今天,在志愿者的帮助下,我们耙了并收集了 55 袋落叶。


PCR 向今天为美化 莱夫埃里克森公园 尽最大努力的 21 名志愿者表示诚挚的感谢。



#volunteers #NYCParks #Leifericsonpark


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