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PCR 地球日活动 / PCR Earth Day Event

We want to give a huge thanks to all of our volunteers who came out to our Earth Day event. Over 100 volunteers, from 2 years old to 82 years old, cleanup the streets, light poles, sidewalks, tree pits, as well as to beautify our parks. It’s a beautiful thing when so many people can gather to help our community and empower one another.

我们要非常感谢参加地球日活动的所有志愿者。 100多名志愿者,从2岁到82岁,清理街道、灯杆、人行道、树坑,并美化我们的公园。当这么多人聚集在一起帮助我们的社区并相互赋权时,这是一件美妙的事情。



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