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PCR 读书俱乐部 / PCR Book Club

初中生/高中生 要考SAT 一定要来读一下这本书



这是比尔盖茨 说他2015年看到的最好的六本书之一


时间 : 7月9号到8月20 每周 星期五

10 am 到 11 am


Junior high school students/high school students must come and read this book if they want to take the SAT Many parents who value children’s education must come and read this book Psychologist Carol Dweck’s classic work "Lifelong Growth" or "Mentality to Win" This is Bill Gates said he was one of the six best books he saw in 2015 After decades of research on success, Stanford University psychologist Carold Wake discovered the power of thinking patterns. She stated in "Lifelong Growth" that our success is not determined by our ability and talent, but by the thinking mode we show in the pursuit of our goals. She introduced two modes of thinking: fixed and growth, which embodies the two basic mentalities when dealing with success and failure, achievement and challenge.

Time : July 9 to August 20 on Fridays

10 Am - 11 Am

Age Range / 年龄范围 : 11+ / 11岁以上




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