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PCR Covid Zoom on Tuesday 1/25

PCR and NYC Health have a zoom regarding Covid Self care. The zoom meeting will be 3 hours talking about mental health, balance mindset, and immunity. The meeting will be in mandarin and the participants will receive certificates after.

Interested participants can register on where there are 3 different dates for the meeting that occurs all on Tuesdays (9:30 AM- 12:30 PM).

The available Tuesdays are January 25, February 22, and March 22. Check the flyer and pictures below for more information.

PCR和NYC Health有一个关于Covid自我护理的缩放。Zoom会议将持续3个小时,讨论心理健康,平衡心态和免疫力。会议将以普通话进行,之后与会者将获得证书。

有兴趣的与会者可以在 上注册,其中有3个不同的会议日期,这些日期全部在星期二(上午9:30 至下午12:30)举行。




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