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PCR Festival Celebration!

Happy Lunar New Year! With the support of sponsors and the dedication of volunteers, PCR is honored to host this meaningful festival celebration, in which over 500 local residents came together and celebrated the Year of the Tiger with a shared love for each other in our community. The Leif Ericson Park was filled with children’s laughter and adults’ smiley faces as they enjoyed the performance of traditional calligraphy and Tai Chi, solved interesting riddles collaboratively, unleashed their creativity through arts and crafts activities, and participated in fun family games to form more intimate parent-child relationships. Parents and their lovely younger ones were able to share these joyful memories and explore their cultures together in this immersive festival celebration. We look forward to the luck and surprises awaiting us in the Year of the Tiger!

农历新年快乐!在赞助商的支持和志愿者的奉献下,PCR很荣幸能够举办这个有意义的节日庆典,500多名当地居民齐聚一堂,共同庆祝虎年。Leif Ericson 公园里充满了孩子们的笑声和大人的笑脸,他们欣赏了传统书法和太极拳的表演,合作解开了有趣的谜语,通过手工艺活动释放了他们的创造力,并参与了有趣的家庭游戏,形成了更亲密的关系亲子关系。在这个身临其境的节日庆典中,父母和他们可爱的孩子们能够分享这些快乐的回忆,并一起探索他们的文化。期待虎年的好运和惊喜等着我们!



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