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PCR Headphones


目前100副知名品牌的耳機来自热心商家捐赠,开放申请请填写申请表格符合条件将得到获取通知。请注意: 一个家庭只能领取一个耳机,除非是特殊情况。


1. 多子女家庭

2. 受疫情影响

3. 生活在拥挤的环境下

"Our children are growing up in the age of technology. Good equipment is bound to make children's online learning more efficient." At present, there are a total of 100 well-known brands of headphones donated from enthusiastic merchants.  please fill out the application form and get notified if you meet the conditions. One family can only apply for one headphone, unless it is a special situation.

Application conditions:

1. Family with many children

2. Affected by the pandemic

3. Living in a crowded environment

Please go register for the PCR headphones with this link



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