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PCR NYC Speaks Survey

PCR encourages everyone to fill out NYC Speaks to spread our opinions and thoughts to ensure that the new government can have a clearer understanding of the needs of the Chinese people and the policies we care about.

NYC Speaks advocates people in other communities to fill out their own voices online at The survey is available in 11 different languages and in Chinese, the questionnaire provides advice on eight-question areas: health and well-being, housing and community, public safety, education and youth development, economy and labor, arts and culture, racial equality, climate, and infrastructure. To go to the Chinese version of the interview, go to the top right-hand corner and pick "ZH."

We hope that everyone can actively participate in this questionnaire survey and speak up for their communities.

If you need help, you can go directly to the PCR office to fill out 909 58th Brooklyn NY 11219

PCR鼓励大家填写NYC Speaks,传播我们的观点和想法,以确保新政府能够更清楚地了解中国人民的需求和我们关心的政策。

NYC Speaks倡导其他社区的人们在 在线填写自己的声音。该调查以11种不同的语言和中文提供,问卷以八个问题领域提供建议:健康和福祉,住房和社区,公共安全,教育和青年发展,经济和劳动,艺术和文化,种族平等,气候和基础设施。要转到中文版的采访,请转到右上角并选择"ZH"。


如果您需要帮助,可以直接前往PCR办公室填写909 58th Brooklyn NY 11219



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