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PCR Togetherness activity / PCR 艺术表演

In these challenging times, we believe it’s important to bring everyone together.

“Togetherness” is a performing arts showcase for all ages.

Dance and music bring good medicine.

They bring healing, laughter, happiness, and a sense of calmness to the people.

“Togetherness”, a dance and music showcase,

is a tool to build connections, foster empathy and shape our community.

Togetherness is supported by the City Parks Foundation GREEN / ARTS LIVE NYC Fund.

Start at August 21 / Saturday

Time : 1 Pm to 2 Pm


“ 集体 ”是老少皆宜的表演艺术展。舞蹈和音乐带来良药。


“ 集体 ”是一种舞蹈和音乐展示,


Togetherness(集体)得到了城市公园绿色基金会 / 艺术基金的支持。

开始于8月21号 / 星期六

时间 : 下午 1 PM 到 2 PM


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