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PCR Weekly Park Cleanup!

PCR would host weekly Park Clean ups. Last Sunday at McKinley Park dozens of individual and families had come to rake the leaves in the park making the park cleaner and friendly for the people in the community. On Sunday 1/23 many children also had volunteer to clean up Sunset Park by raking the leaves and picking up litter. By dedicating their time to volunteering in the community they get to make new friends that has the same interest!

PCR 将举办每周一次的公园清理活动。 上周 McKinley公园,数十名个人和家庭来到公园里耙树叶,使公园更清洁,对社区居民友好。1/23 星期日,许多孩子还自愿通过耙树叶和捡垃圾来清理日落公园。 通过花时间在社区做志愿者,他们可以结交志趣相投的新朋友!



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