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Summer Program

PCR’s Summer Program is hosted every Saturday and Sunday from 6 to 8 pm in the vibrant surroundings of Leif Ericson Park and Sunset Park. This program, rich in diversity and cultural exploration, offers a range of engaging activities designed to promote creativity, physical activity, and social interaction—programs like Chinese stories, Dance Groups, arts and crafts, Board games, and Sports games. Join us for weekends filled with cultural exploration, learning, and fun this summer.

PCR的暑期项目于每周六和周日下午6点至8点在Leif Ericson公园和Sunset公园的充满活力的环境中举行。这个项目具有丰富的多样性和文化探索,提供一系列吸引人的活动,旨在促进创造力、体育活动和社会互动,如中国故事、舞蹈小组、艺术和手工、棋盘游戏和体育游戏。今年夏天,请加入我们充满文化探索、学习和乐趣的周末活动。

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