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Voter Registration Assistance

PCR promotes the significance of voting and aids for anyone who has questions about the process. We locate informational links, such as the official state office website, information on registering to vote and verifying your registration status, where to vote, and information on early, absentee, or mail-in voting. Volunteers will also disseminate information about important federal election dates and deadlines. Sign up via the

PCR宣传投票的意义,为任何对投票过程有疑问的人提供帮助。我们提供信息链接,如官方的州办公室网站,关于登记投票和验证你的登记状态的信息,在哪里投票,以及关于提前投票、缺席投票或邮寄投票的信息。义工们还将传播有关重要的联邦选举日期和截止日期的信息。可在 报名。

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