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Youth Leadership Program

Increase the availability of possibilities for transformational youth development and authentic leadership. The Youth Leadership Program prepares youth to be long-term community leaders and empowers them with the tools to address institutional obstacles that limit opportunities and potential. YLP is intended to provide lifelong enrichment opportunities to outstanding future leaders with a passion for learning and a desire to impact the world. YLP's vision is to build an impactful network of socially responsible and service-minded leaders who are connected and positively influence the world. For more information, please email


Our Story

Entering PCR back in 2018, I was a freshman starting high school, trying to have something to put down on my resume. I started my journey by cleaning parks for months before starting to lead small groups as a team leader. Working step by step, I became a part of LEAP, which is dedicated to helping teens show their potential. It took me two years before I started running my own programs with other volunteers. This is an opportunity no other place would offer with the freedom in leadership. Being a part of LEAP contributed to truly understanding the meaning of a leader and teamwork.  With people coming and going, I decided to stay in this organization that I would now call "home." After 5 years, I am now working as PCR’s Volunteer Coordinator while studying nursing at New York University. Being in the place where I am now, I am thankful for PCR and LEAP. Therefore, come join us for a lifelong enrichment opportunity to influence the community!

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