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Volunteer Help

NYC Service


Step 1: Register as an Volunteer

Sign up for an NYC Service account.

You need to fill out basic info, your contact info, and your email. A verification code will be sent to that email. 

You must be 13+ to create an account. 

If you are under 13 you will still book on the pcr website.

Step 2: Booking for PCR Events

After you create an account you gain access to your account overview. Here, you can view your total hours, upcoming volunteer opportunities and your past volunteer events. 

To Book for an PCR event, you navigate to:
Serve > Volunteer > Opportunity Search

Type PCR in the search bar


PCR Booking


Step 1: Searching for an event​

To Book for an PCR event, you navigate to:
Join Us > Volunteer Events

Click on a service to learn more about the requirements.

Step 2: Booking an Event

It is now mandatory to have an account when booking an event.

Sign up using the same email you sent your application with.

Make sure to include your Volunteer ID and Phone Number.

You can view, reschedule, and event your account tab.



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