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PCR 8.16Dance Togeter

Time flies by, especially when you're having fun. Summer recess is approaching an end, so naturally, our summer activities will too. Thursday evenings are a favorite for many of the parents and their children. It encourages kids to put down their electronic devices and partake in a music dance festival.

This is a very special type of feeling that is seldom felt at home. We have some kids who refuse to participate due to being on the shy side. The parents of those children are often the ones seen to be annoyed and would say things such as "If you don't join, I won't bring you next time!"

However, these same parents are glued to their phones trying to take photos and videos of them instead of leading and showing them how to do it. For this activity, we encourage all parents to join in with the kids and move together. We want parents to lead by example!

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