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PCR Lunar New Year Celebration

PCR is honored to collaborate with UA3, local elected officials Councilman Justin Brannan and Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso, and like-minded grassroots nonprofit organizations partners to host the Lunar New Year Celebration at Sunset Park. During the pandemic, PCR has not only distributed free hand sanitizers, masks, and food to residents, but also broke down language barriers by offering translation services at NYC mobile vaccination buses, which would not be possible without the support of UA3 and AAPI nonprofit organizations. Under our shared mission to serve and support our community, PCR is proud to advocate for this movement and become a changemaker in the AAPI community.

PCR 很荣幸与 UA3、当地民选官员议员贾斯汀·布兰南和布鲁克林区主席安东尼奥·雷诺索以及志同道合的草根非营利组织合作伙伴合作,在日落公园举办农历新年庆祝活动。疫情期间,PCR 不仅免费向居民分发洗手液、口罩和食物,还通过在纽约市移动疫苗接种巴士上提供翻译服务打破语言障碍,这离不开 UA3 和 AAPI 非营利组织的支持.在我们为社区服务和支持的共同使命下,PCR 很自豪能够倡导这一运动并成为 AAPI 社区的变革者。



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