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GoFundMe: Victims of a Hammer Attack

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

The Zhao & Liu family lived a humble life, but they aspired to achieve the American dream one day. That dream suddenly shattered on Wednesday, August 23rd, when Ms. Zhao was killed in a brutal hammer attack, which also left her two young children severely injured.

Ms.Zhao Zhao was a stay-at-home mother of two in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Her husband, Jing Hong Liu, worked in Ohio as a restaurant kitchen worker to support the family. He would visit home once a month and bring them his saved wages. Five-year-old David and three-year-old Sophia were the couple’s pride and joy. They made all the sacrifices possible to ensure their children would have a better future.

Sophia and David have been transferred to Bellevue Hospital Trauma Center. David’s condition has stabilized somewhat but still needs to remain in the ICU. Sophia was scheduled for a lifesaving surgery on Friday, but the surgery had to be postponed until some vital indicators would improve. Please keep her and her brother in your prayers.

The grief-stricken father, Jing Hong Liu, has returned to New York. He is doing his best to stay strong to support his children. For the foreseeable future, he won’t be able to work, because he needs to be by his children’s side. The children will also need a lot more resources for long term recovery, both physically and mentally. And resources are something this family is in lack of. At the present, they do not even have an apartment to return to after they get discharged from the hospital later.

Therefore, we’ve started a GoFundMe page for the public to contribute to helping these children recover without worrying over financial burdens. We have been assisting Mr. Jing Hong Liu and have his consent to start this GoFundMe page. The donation will be used to pay for immediate living and medical expenses for the family. Any remaining funds will go toward a trust fund for Ms. Zhao’s children (Sophia and David). The process of deciding grantor and trustee will be transparent and with the approval of the father, Mr. Jing Hong Liu.

Please share this GoFundMe to your family and friends.

We wish to them a fast and speedy recovery.

There are updates on their current situation on GoFundMe



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