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first It’s My Park Day of the month November

Today was PCR’s first It’s My Park Day of the month November. We raked about 70 bags of leaves today. We had our craft program again as this months topic is on how we can use our fallen leaves in the park and our imaginations to craft art. So we had tables set up for anyone who wants to come and create art. Some tables had coloring, some tables used leaves and imagination to create an art piece, and some had blank pieces of paper where you draw tree trunks and then use cotton swabs and autumn colors for its leave colors. Then we started showing our volunteers how to plant daffodil bulbs as the month of November is mostly based on planting Daffodil bulbs for its blooming in the following springs. We told them the origin of this project and how you plant them as it represents the living memorial to 9/11. Thank you to all the volunteers who came and participated in It’s My Park Day today during their free time.

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