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Sweeping Success: Jr. Litter League's Season Recap

Welcome to the celebratory wrap-up of the Junior Litter League, a 9-week program that brought together dedicated individuals to make our community a cleaner place. As we bid farewell to this journey, let's take a moment to reflect on the triumphs, the impact on our environment, and the inspiring stories of our volunteers.

The impact of the Junior Litter League on our community has been nothing short of remarkable. Over the past 9 weeks, our volunteers worked tirelessly, picking up litter, clearing leaves, and contributing to a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing park. In a collective effort, we successfully removed a total of 3,538 pounds of leaves and litter.




1: 10/14



2: 10/21



3: 10/28



4: 11/4



5: 11/11



6: 11/18



7: 11/25



8: 12/2



9: 12/9






Our appreciation goes out to the volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to the Junior Litter League program. Each participant played a role, contributing to the success of the program in their own way. Our Junior Litter league was able to secure first place in the city-wide competition. Our winning team demonstrated outstanding leadership and enthusiasm, making their mark not only through their litter collection efforts but also by inspiring others to actively engage in the program.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made the Junior Litter League a success. Your dedication has left a lasting impact on our community, creating a cleaner, greener space for us all to enjoy. As we reflect on the past 9 weeks, let's carry this momentum forward, united in our commitment to positive change.

Something I enjoyed was being about to meet new people and friends. I really like the experience I had with all the people I worked with and I got to know them better over time. I also really like how there weren’t any problems that came up during the program. So I’m very thankful for this experience.
As someone who has always disliked social events, Junior Litter League was something I looked forward to every weekend. My teammates were all pretty friendly and easy to talk to. The park officers were nice as well.



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