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作品尺寸要求為Legal Size (8.5 x 14 inches),垂直或橫向皆可






一等奖: 99餐厅套餐价值 $100

二等奖: 川奥餐厅套餐价值$30

三等奖: 沙县小吃套餐价值 $20

特等奖6份  赞助商家: 热麦时光甜品店礼物卡价值$10


創意、內容、顏色及技巧。 評委保留對參賽者的最終決定權


With the on-going COVID-19 crisis across the world, this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival is likely to be much quieter. The Mid-Autumn Festival has always been one of the most popular traditional festivals. It is a festival to celebrate a good harvest and a festival of reunion.  Mooncakes of the Mid-Autumn Festival symbolize people's desire for family reunion and a sweet life.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot go out to celebrate.  As such this year we are going to celebrate this wonderful holiday mostly virtually.  PCR will be holding the 2020 Youth Mid-Autumn Festival Drawing Contest to provide children with a platform to show their rich imagination and artistic talents. As for encouragement and appreciation, we will be providing prizes for the winners of each age group.

 Age Groups:

 Participating groups are 4-7 years old; 8-12 years old; 13-17 years old

Competition rules

The size of the work is Legal Size (8.5 x 14 inches), either vertical or horizontal

The materials for the works can be pencils, crayons, watercolors, colored pencils, etc. Computer drawings are not accepted, and all works must be original

Create your own and not infringe the copyright of others

Write on the back: name (Chinese and English), gender, date of birth, age, address, email, contact number


Each entry category has a first place, second place and third place. Winners will be awarded a certificate as well as prizes:

First prize: 99 Favor Taste set meal worth $100

Second Prize: Chuan Yue Restaurant Package Value $30

Third prize: Shaxian snack set worth $20

 6 Special Prizes Sponsored by Barley Time Dessert Shop worth $10

Judging criteria

Creativity, content, colors and techniques.  Judges will reserve the right of final decision on the contestants.

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