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Earth Day 2019

Earth Day 2019 landed during Spring break. As usual, we organized volunteers to clean the streets. Today, more than 100 volunteers joined us. Some helped with beautifying our city streets and Sunset Park, while the others took care of the areas between 60-65 Street, 6 Avenue thru 8 Avenue. Coffee cups, commercial garbage, and litter was found all over the roads.

Not a single trash bin was to be found within five city blocks. This is an issue that has yet to be resolved. Garbage continues to pile up, and with Summer approaching, the matter will only get worse. We hope that by actively taking care of the streets, we can set an example for local residents to follow. Twenty five bags of trash was collected from 8 Avenue today. Afterwards, we headed to leif ericson park, and noticed that there are some new plants. Unfortunately, they appear to have been intentionally uprooted.

We hope that by volunteering, we can bring awareness to the people of the community. We hope that more people eventually can be motivated and positively influenced by what we do. To us, every single day is Earth Day.

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