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In this pluralistic society, the problem of discrimination cannot be ignored. We invite you to attend a special lecture that will explore in depth the root causes of discrimination and the actions you can take to stop it. Professional speakers will share their views and practical experience so that you can better understand and respond to discrimination. No matter what age and background you are, we welcome you to join us. Let us work together for a more inclusive and fair society! 🤝

📅 date: [11 / 06 / 2023]

🕒 time: [11:00-12:30]

🏠 地点:[947 57th Street Brooklyn NY 11219]

Your participation will be part of the change and let us work together to create a better future. Please share this important information with your relatives and friends and look forward to seeing you in the lecture! 🌈 # Elimination of discrimination # Social equity # Action together "


📅 日期:[11/06/2023]

🕒 时间:[11:00-12:30]

🏠 地点:[947 57th Street Brooklyn NY 11219]

您的参与将是改变的一部分,让我们一同创造一个更美好的未来。请分享这一重要信息给您的亲朋好友,期待在讲座中见到您!🌈 #消除歧视 #社会公平 #一起行动"



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