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Connecting With Immigrants In Our Community

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Today our volunteers worked tirelessly to connect with immigrants in our community who may be struggling with language barriers. Our volunteers went around Leif Erikson informing immigrants about the resources and support we are able to provide them with. Whether it's language classes, cultural events, or access to important community services, we're here to help. Thank you to all the volunteers and their dedication to helping out our community.

今天,我们的志愿者不知疲倦地努力与我们社区中可能遇到语言障碍的移民建立联系。 我们的志愿者走访 Leif Erikson,向移民通报我们能够为他们提供的资源和支持。 无论是语言课程、文化活动还是获得重要的社区服务,我们都会随时为您提供帮助。 感谢所有志愿者以及他们为帮助我们的社区所做的奉献。


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