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Earth Day Celebration

Today, we celebrated Earth Day with a fun-filled event that reminded us of the importance of taking care of our planet. From pot painting to a runway show, face painting to planting flowers, we had a blast! But let's not forget the importance of our usual park clean up - it's something we should aim to do every day. Let's keep this world clean and beautiful for generations to come!

今天,我们举办了一场充满乐趣的活动来庆祝地球日,这提醒我们保护地球的重要性。 从画盆栽到走秀,从脸部彩绘到种花,我们玩得很开心! 但我们不要忘记日常公园清理的重要性 - 这是我们每天应该做的事情。 让我们为子孙后代保持这个世界的清洁和美丽!


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