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PCR 复活节彩蛋活动 / PCR Easter Egg Campaign

Kids and their families got into the Easter spirit on Saturday with a big egg hunt at Leif Ericson Park. The Easter eggs were spread out the lawn and the kids were glad to get to hunt Easter eggs again since there weren’t any last year due to COVID-19. Thank you our community partners and elected officials offices support to make the event possible!


周六,孩子们和他们的家人在莱夫·埃里克森公园 (Leif Ericson Park) 进行了一场盛大的寻蛋活动,沉浸在复活节的气氛中。复活节彩蛋散落在草坪上,孩子们很高兴能够再次捕猎复活节彩蛋,因为去年由于 COVID-19 而没有复活节彩蛋。感谢我们的社区合作伙伴和民选官员办公室的支持,使活动成为可能!





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