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Successfully Applying 700 Low-Income Seniors to Affordable Housings

PCR has helped low-income seniors apply for affordable housing in the past two months. We supported and assisted the elderly with speech impairments, and finally successfully submitted 700 applications. This work is challenging, but we believe it is essential to do our part for those in need. PCR is very happy to be able to help so many people because our efforts bring hope and a chance to improve the lives of these low-income seniors. We will continue to work on this aspect and provide support and assistance to more people in need.

PCR在过去两个月里帮助低收入老年人申请经济适用房。 我们对言语障碍老人进行支持和帮助,最终成功提交了700份申请。 这项工作具有挑战性,但我们相信为有需要的人尽自己的一份力量是至关重要的。 PCR 很高兴能够帮助这么多人,因为我们的努力为这些低收入老年人的生活带来了希望。 我们将继续做好这方面的工作,为更多有需要的人提供支持和帮助。




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