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9/21/19 New Yorkers For Parks!

The registration of the Daffodil Project in 2019 is now closed at the Daffodil Distribution Office of the New Yorker Park in St. Mary's Park, Bronx. The Daffodil Project is an activity where volunteers distribute daffodil seeds to residents of the organization.

New York Park Park and New York City Park Park created the Daffodil Project in 2001 to commemorate September 11. The park will present half a million daffodil bulbs to individuals and groups, planted in parks, campuses, community gardens, street tree pits and other public places in New York City.

The volunteers of the PCR team participated in the daffodil plan for the first time; in short, we planted more than 7.5 million daffodils in the city by more than 400,000 young students, parks and horticultural groups, civil society organizations, corporate volunteers and other New Yorkers. Light bulb, this is one of the biggest volunteer activities in the history of the city.

This is the third year that PCR companies have received Daffodil bulbs from New York City, but this is the first time NYP has received help from PCR volunteers to dispute the light bulb. In the first year, we took 5,000 daffodil bulbs; the following year, we took 10,000 daffodil bulbs; this year, we took 20,000 bulbs.

PCR volunteers will plant them all in Leif Ericson Park. PCR volunteers are often actively involved in many community activities, providing an example for young people to learn and protect the environment. Participants must register in advance to receive the daffodil ball. Registration is open every summer late. To learn more about us, please follow our FAQ. To receive registration alerts, please sign up for our newsletter.

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