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How to Keep Your Pool Safe This Summer

If your home has a pool in the backyard, it’s likely the favorite family gathering place in the

summers. Pools can be great for exercise, entertainment, and escaping the heat, but it’s

important that your family adopt some pool safety rules to keep your kids, pets, and visitors

safe. Not only should you make sure your family members know how to swim, but you should also take steps to secure the area surrounding the pool to make it safe for children and animals.

Swimming Lessons

One of the best ways to teach pool safety is through swimming lessons.

● Learning how to swim is an absolute must for kids before they swim on their own in your

pool; check with local pools to see if there are lessons offered nearby.

● You can start while your children are quite young, so consider swim lessons when your

child is still a toddler to get them used to the pool early on.

● Before you sign your child up for classes, do your research and make sure the instructor

is trained, certified, and knows CPR and First Aid.

● While it’s not necessary for your child to perfect the butterfly stroke, be sure your

children learn the basics such as how to float and self-rescue skills.

Pool Security With so many natural hazards, you’ll want to take steps to fully secure your pool.

● At the start of the summer, have your pool inspected and be sure to carry out any pool

repairs such as filling concrete cracks or repairing drains.

● To keep kids and pets away from the pool unattended, install a fence and ensure it’s

secured with a locked gate.

● A pool safety cover is a great idea if you have young kids at home.

● Keep flotation devices and other safety items such as first aid kits close to the pool, and

determine a solid action plan in case an emergency does happen.

Establish Your Pool’s Safety Rules As you open up the pool for the season, make sure your whole family follows a set of safety guidelines to keep kids and visitors safe while swimming.

● Never allow kids to swim without an adult present—supervision is mandatory when your

kids use the pool, especially if they have friends over.

● Beware of slippery surfaces, and don’t allow horseplay to happen near the pool.

● If you have a pool party, check with other parents about their child’s swimming ability,

and consider hiring a lifeguard to help keep kids safe during the party.

● Consider posting your pool’s safety rules in a visible place.

When you’re getting ready to use the pool again for the summer, remember that swimming

lessons are essential for kids. Keep your pool safe and in good shape by conducting any

necessary repairs before you use it, and be sure to have fencing with a locked gate to help

ensure safety for kids and pets. Revisit safety rules for your pool, and make sure your kids know those rules at the start of every summer. And if you have pool parties for the kids, get help with supervision and consider hiring a lifeguard for the event.



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