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PCR Christmas 2021 Annual Celebration!

PCR volunteers and sponsors helped host the annual Christmas celebration to spread Christmas Cheers for the farewell of 2022 at Leif Ericson Park! Local residents including kids are able to come together and engage in fun games, art activities hosted by our wonderful volunteers in a convivial and supportive ambiance. PCR and our volunteers also distributed school and personal protective supplies to every participant so that they could feel safe, confident, and supported.

We hope that everyone enjoyed PCR’s annual Christmas celebration and is looking forward to celebrating it with family members and friends! Don’t forget to stay tuned for upcoming PCR events!

PCR 义工和赞助商帮助举办了一年一度的圣诞节庆祝活动,在Leif Ericson Park公园为2022年的告别传播圣诞节欢呼!在内的当地居民,包括孩子们,可以聚在一起,在欢乐和支持的氛围中参加由我们出色的志愿者主持的有趣游戏和艺术活动。PCR和我们的志愿者还向每位参与者分发了学校和个人防护用品,以便他们感到安全,自信和支持。


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