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PCR Snow Shoveling

PCR is not absent amid the snowstorm! PCR volunteers who are fearless of the cold are shoveling the walkway in parks for our community! Snow days are awesome but can also be dangerous. We shoveled away snows obstructing walk paths in Leif Ericson Park to ensure the safety of every visitor and keep our local park accessible. We hope people can have safe and easy travels with our shoveled-up walkways!

暴风雪中不缺PCR! 无惧寒冷的 PCR 志愿者正在为我们的社区铲平公园的人行道! 下雪天很棒,但也可能很危险。 我们铲掉了阻碍 Leif Ericson 公园人行道的积雪,以确保每位游客的安全,并让我们当地的公园保持无障碍。 我们希望人们可以通过我们铲起的人行道安全轻松地旅行!



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