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PCR Park Cleanups

It’s not surprising to see PCR volunteers’ diligently cleaning up Sunset Park! Every Sunday morning, a group of enthusiastic PCR volunteers assembled in Sunset Park to clean up fallen leaves and keep the sidewalks and playgrounds clean for local residents’ leisure activities. They also swept away traces of winter and collected bags of fallen leaves to keep our local park clean and lively as local residents’ main entertaining space.

看到 PCR 义工们辛勤地清理日落公园也就不足为奇了! 每个星期天早上,一群热情的 PCR 志愿者聚集在日落公园,清理落叶,保持人行道和游乐场的清洁,供当地居民休闲活动。他们还一扫冬天的痕迹,收集袋装落叶,以保持我们当地公园的清洁和活力,作为当地居民的主要娱乐场所。



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