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10.8 It's My park day

Is a foggy Monday. It was originally a holiday. We organized the 8Am-11Am at Sunset Park to sweep the leaves and clean up the garbage. We arrived at Sunset Park 8am and began to clean up the fallen leaves. We divided into four teams. The first team was a young mother with college students cleaning the leaves of the park's outer wall.

The second team was a high school strong girl leading the sweeping park. The third team is also led by a high school student, and the fourth team is an uncle who leads a group of college students. We complete our tasks in their respective teams. I saw that the children were very active.

When lots of people work together, they are having fun and enjoying their time together. They do not think about the tiresome work in front of them. We put the fallen leaves into the garbage bag with a broom and a bucket. Someone had an idea that it would be faster to put the fallen leaves into the garbage bag by hand. So we cleaned up the rest of the park in a short period of time.

When we went to gather, some college students stood there and played on their phones. I thought these college students were not as active as children and they don’t contribute as much as the children have. The older kids should have set a good example for the younger kids to follow. We helped finished the work and finalized the cleaning.

We saw how much effort and hard work we have done, and the two teams have 16 garbage dumps. In total, we cleaned for 3 hours today, and I want to thanks the people who worked hard today and those who didn’t slack off.

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