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PCR spring Easter

In spring,the grass awakens, the flowers bloom, the bird sings everywhere is full of vibrants scenes. The soft spring breeze blows and blows the green earth, wakes up the hibernating little animals, and also welcomes the most joyful festival of the year,Easter.

Easter is one of America’s traditional holidays. It is the day of the resurrection of the third day after Jesus Christ was crucified Easter eggs is the most important symbol of this holiday, it also symbolizes the start and continuation of life, and it is the hope of people’s future life. During Easter, every state will host a variety of events to celebrate this holiday. In our New York Parent Child Relationship(PCR), on April 14, 2019 in Brooklyn which also hosted a big “Easter egg hunting” event, the community showed enthusiasm by participating in this event.

The egg hunting is the most popular game in our Easter event. One hour before the event started, kids and parents are already eating in the line, afraid to miss the chance. When the workers are signaled that the event has started, kids became happy rabbits, picking up their baskets to pick up the Easter eggs and other little surprises. The gift-exchanging section is also lined up with a lot of people which almost fill the whole park. In addition to the egg activity, there’s many other fun activities like face painting, arts and craft, egg tumble, and a lot more. The Fantastic drum and hip pop performance was gave us a wonderful concert. When the performance ended, kids started to clap loudly to show their support.

The Taekwondo player’s flexibility and powerful performances also attracted a burst of applause. After seeing this aren’t you tempted to sign your kid(s) up for them to develop a hobby like this? As time passes, at the blink of an eye, this is our 3rd Easter event. The New York Parent Child Relationship was founded in 2016, we are a non-profit organization approved by the US IRS (501C3). We also provided many public events, parental education, law education, community service, and many more events. In the beginning of 2016, we recruit Asians who live in this neighborhood came to clean up parks, beautifying our neighborhood, and to carry out events that is open to everyone in this neighborhood.

1. 2017: Our first Easter event When we first carry out this event, our team only contains 5 members and we only have one sponsor which is the 99 Favor Taste Restaurant, part of the fees are from donation made by mothers in our community. The mothers hope that there will be more exciting events that will make their kids joyful, and for them to enjoy this day. Since we are low on fees, the eggs that we bought were very cheap and fragile. They were from China and is delivered to New York. The decorations were made by people who are willing to make it for us. One that day, it was surprising hot, the temperature reached to 70-79 Fahrenheit and there were many accidents that happened. Because we were inexperienced, we can’t control the high ground leading everything to chaos. But the kids were full of happiness and were very joyful by the egg hunting. Our first event was a success.

2. 2018: Our Second Easter Event 2018 was the second Easter event was hosted. The 99 Favor taste still offer us their support and Le Jia toy store sponsored us by giving us many gifts. Their owner stars that he saw how the park changed slowly. He hopes that by doing this, he can offer support for charity events. This year, we prepared 10,000 eggs and find a bigger ground to welcome parents and kids to participate in this event. 3. 2019: Our 3rd Easter Event This year, our third Easter event, we started planning 1 month earlier for this. This time, we had 120 volunteers, and 21 sponsors from this neighborhood. This time we prepared a total of 25,000 eggs. This is a very exciting fascinating waiting process for parents and children. We prepared in a total of 50 days, the volunteers made many artworks of Easter eggs and rabbits. While cutting cardboards, many of the volunteers got hurt at cut themselves accidentally. But they’d never complain, hoping that their pain can bring happiness for the event. Celebrating the joy of the holiday, the kids had similes on there face and the community events provided chances for everyone to participate and learn, making the children having unforgettable memories of this event. At last, thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers that had participated during this wonderful event. About Us The New York Parent Child Relationship is a non- profit organization approved by the US IRS(501C3). The organization established numerous events and activities, parental and law education, and as well as community service. Our goal is to establish a strong neighborhood, giving parents and kids, as well as Asian immigrants around this neighborhood a opportunity of participating in this event. We also want to achieve a very peaceful and beautiful neighborhood and hope we can support more families. Join us to participate in many other events, help kids to grow up healthy!

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