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sunset park fire

True feelings are shown when disasters happen. The love of Chinese towards each other is shown by this fire. The fire on 7 avenues 44th Street of Brooklyn has been affecting the hearts of the Chinese community. After the disaster, the New York Parent-Child Relationship Association (PCR) rushed to the scene to help people out. PCR has long been committed to the public welfare of the Chinese community in Brooklyn Sunset Park. PCR aims to create a warm and harmonious home to enrich the Chinese life circle.

Since the news was released, in addition to the help of the Red Cross and the government, through our appeal, people from all parts of the Chinese community has lent a helping hand, sending foods, sending clothes and sending warmth to help the local victims to survive the difficult period after the fire. They not only brought tangible material help to the victims, but more importantly, they brought tremendous spiritual motivation, and the victims who were forced to leave their homes deeply realized the unity, love and selfless dedication of the Chinese community. The humanity and the selfless dedications of these caring people and the business is worthy of praise! I would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their participation in this disaster relief. The following is a list of businesses that have helped the fire area:

April 4th

99 Favors Taste sponsors 30 dinners Address: 732 61st street, Brooklyn NY11220 Phone: 718-439-0578 Shaxian Snacks sponsored dinner for 30 victims Address: 818 60th st Brooklyn, NY 11220 Phone: 347-406-8793

Bao Ma City sponsors fresh fruit (49 Street Fruit Wholesale) Address: 4911 b basement 8av Brooklyn 11220 Tel: 718-581-9979, 929-290-2083

April 5th Twins Dumpling King sponsors 35 servings of bread Address: 151 Ave .U.Brooklyn, NY11223 Tel: 718-266-8822, 718-288-8826 Water Shadow Painting Agency sponsors 50 lunches Address: 731 58th st, Brooklyn NY11220 Phone: 646-578-3246 Red Apple Fast Food Corps. sponsors 45 portions of porridge Address: 4817 8th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11220 Phone: 718-853-8811 Individual: Netizen "Mei" sponsors bread and milk for the victims April 6th

Red Apple Fast Food Corps. sponsors 30 porridge Address: 4817 8th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11220 Phone: 718-853-8811 LCZ Restaurant sponsored lunch 30 Address: 4606 8th ave brooklyn ny11220 Phone: 718-362-7888 Moon & Flower Square sponsored dinner 50 burgers 50 orders of chicken nuggets 50 fries a box of oranges 2 boxes of drinks Address: 5912 7Th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11220 Phone: 718-765-0020 April 7

Meiyi Immigration Services sponsors 50 breakfasts Address: 5904 8th Ave.#A3 Brooklyn, NY11220 Tel: 347-763-0839, 347-889-5037

Park Asia sponsors 50 lunches and 60 dinners Address: 6521 8th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11220 Phone: 718-833-1688

April 8

Gorden and Eric Laundromat sponsor 50 breakfasts Address: 683 60st Meiyi Immigration Service sponsors 30 lunches Address: 5904 8th Ave.#A3 Brooklyn, NY11220 Tel: 347-763-0839, 347-889-5037 YUNYSHOP.COM Sponsors Dinner 32 Drinks 32 Bottles

April 9

Ms. Min from ROBERT DEFALCO REALTY sponsored breakfast Address: 8823 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209 Phone: 917-519-9322

Expedia Easy Auto Driving School offers 40 lunches Address: 5909 8 Ave Brooklyn, NY 11220 Tel: 718-483-8398

Right now, the victims have been properly resettled, and other post-disaster work is still in progress. In order to help the victims rebuild their homes, in addition to the official open donation method, our PCR also launched private fundraising on social networks. Netizens responded with enthusiasm for dedication. we received 230 netizen's donation totals $9844

(with details)

PCR has transferred all the funds to a third-party organization to distribute it. The Tzu Chi Foundation is the most internationally influential Chinese charity organization. It has branches in 52 countries and regions around the world. There are more than 500 strongholds and more than 92 countries or regions assisting. Tzu Chi volunteers in New York are also at the forefront of many unprecedented disasters, giving strength and warm support. Some victims have started a new life after receiving the bailout, we believe that their tomorrow will be even better!

All donations will be distributed on the April 13th of this month, and all residents living in this apartment will be able to receive the donation. Each family only needs to send one representative. All proofs are required to attend.

A drop of water can reflect the radiance of the sun, and one point of love is enough to reflect the warmth of the whole. We hope that the positive energy of giving assistance and support to each other can be passed on forever. Chinese immigrants can always unite and love each other as one.

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