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9/22/19 Super Cleanup Queens

This is PCR second time at Maple Playground, Flushing, having a cleanup in the park. We had about 60 volunteer families who brought their children over and getting involved in this super cleanup. We, together, painted 33 old benches, raked about 28 bags of leaves and a whole bag of cigarette ends to recycle.

We had groups of people helping out at every part of the park. Some were getting the old paint off the benches and then painting it with new paint, others were raking leaves separating cigarette ends from the leaves so they can be recycled.

Parents were showing their children what to do while they are learning something important that will affect their future as a person. They learned to work in groups, have responsibilities on keeping the Earth clean, and teaching others why it should be important to keep the environment clean, etc.

This event is also something that is very helpful in a community and will definitely have more in the future. Once again thanks to all the volunteers who spared their time today for the community and having an improvement in the environment making it more green by all their hard work.

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