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New Colored Benches

Today, during PCR It’s My Park Day, we did something similar to the past; we raked 48 bags of leaves, picked up 10 bags of garbage and cigarette ends. But, something different is that we gave the benches in Leif Erickson a new color. We were assigned to paint them like a bright aqua green color. This color makes the park more brighter and colorful. Everyone was assigned to a specific group and location on what they were suppose to paint. We also cleaned up the garden at Leif Erickson Park. We got rid of all the garbage there, painted the benches and fixed up some plants. Lastly, thanks to all the volunteers who came today during their spare time to help out at today’s It’s My Park Day.#pcr #pcrelationship #PCRVolunteer #partnershipsforparks

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